Listening to the new single from Ski Lodge for the first time, I didn’t immediately think of The Smiths; the connections just sort of crept up on me, leaving me no choice but to accept them.

Ski Lodge lead singer Andrew Marr once said that The Queen is Dead would be the band’s ultimate tour van album. A fine choice, let’s all agree. Now, The Queen is Dead includes a song called I Know it’s Over, which features the lyric ‘I know it’s over / it never really began’. Ski Lodge’s new single, on the other hand, is called Our Love is Over Now: it contains the line ‘Our love is over now / we never had much to begin with’. Quite different.

Is this a problem? Nope - both songs are wonderful. Both feel like a fight against claustrophobia, in which a gradual acceptance married with an open production that sustains notes is enough to allow each song to create its own space.

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