And now, as the saying goes, for something completely different…

Running through to the end of February, ETCETER4 will release one song per day under the project name OGOD (OneGameOneDay). Each of the songs make up OGOD are inspired from sounds found in Nintendo video games. All the songs are lyric-less and name-less. The music is not easy to pin down to any genre other than to say it creates from the fantastical world of the games that have provided its inspiration a world of its own that’s related to those games, but at the same time apart from them.

In a way it’s not so much a series of discrete tracks as a constant flow of sounds that could accompany you through a new, as yet unrealised, gameworld. Or, it could be a long series of bleeps and ambient noises that bear no relation to the listener, each other, or their origins; such is the ambiguity of an abstract, left-field project like this.

The visuals for OGOD have been provided by Heath West -