School of Language is the solo offshoot of Field Music’s David Brewis. Like Field Music, and like The Week That Was (the solo project of his brother and fellow Field Music musician, Peter), School of Language is smart, snappy, highly un-self-conscious, and deserves a wider audience.

Not that this is music that demands an audience: it is so neat, well-placed, and unprepossessing that it simply refuses to rush you or leap into your arms and plead for attention. It’s almost introverted and reserved; you have to make the first move. Luckily for you that move is now as simple as clicking a play-like button somewhere below. After that, simply sit, wait, listen and enjoy.

A full album, Old Fears will be out on April 7. Until then, feast your ears on the More Fears EP, which contains musical snatches and reworkings of old School of Language songs.

Old Fears is available to pre-order from