I get slightly concerned when I see a quote from Sam Calagione, head of the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery on the soundcloud entry for this track:

I just love Julianna’s sonic palette, her layered style reminds me of the art of brewing. Her songs are beautiful but completely unconventional, just as our beer recipes are completely nontraditional. But in the end, they are both distinct and find an adventurous community of enthusiasts.

However, then I find out that Barwick has helped create an IPA that features wasabi, and that her mini-album Rosabi incorporates the symphony of sounds found in the brewing process. Combining these with the knowledge of her previous work, like last year’s wonderful Nepenthe, and all’s well again, even if none of this really makes any sense whatsoever, and I really want a beer right now, wasabi or no.