When I wrote about Mumm-Ra’s fabulous track She’s Got You High last summer I mentioned that the band were recording again, having split up after releasing just a single album, and that a new album was imminent. But this didn’t stop me, yesterday, from suggesting Mumm-Ra in response to this tweet:

It was only after checking Wikipedia, then finding the news of a new album on the Mumm-Ra web site that I remembered to use my own writings as a source. This either says a lot about how difficult it is to keep up with the amount of music news and releases these days, or a little about how mid-term memory starts to fail as you get older…

Either way, I’m not too inundated or aged to be anything less than very excited indeed at the prospect of new Mumm-Ra material, and the good news is that the excitement is not met with an equal and opposite force of disappointment. Lizzy Lu is just one of a number of catchy indie tunes on Back to the Shore that confirm Mumm-Ra as much more than a one-time-only act.

Here’s hoping for more of the same in the future, at which point I’ll no doubt be pencilling them in for a list of artists who sadly only recorded two albums before splitting up.