Something joyously raucous from an Irish five-piece who could rename themselves Spector and the Shoegazers. Although about 90% of the lyric is swallowed up, just about enough bounces back off Green Eyed’s various walls of sound to back the label’s description of the song:

Inspired by the call and response vocal style of “Look in My Diary” by Sixties girl group Reparata and the Delrons, “Green Eyed” deals with being trapped in a relationship with someone untrustworthy. Too scared to question suspicions, the lyrics are the internal conversations in your head that you are too afraid to have with the person themselves.

I don’t know about being trapped in a relationship, but it feels like being trapped somewhere. Perhaps in a basement storage facility with a malevolent smoke machine, judging by the video. Then again, perhaps this is not a piece to be treated literally.

What I do know is that the simple repeated chords and fuzzy bass of the verse, and the chorus harmonies will get you in the end.