Pulp - Sorted For E's and Wizz

1995, Glastonbury, Saturday, headlining the main stage, Pulp bring out a new song...

Voxtrot - Wrecking Force

God, all those songs about how great life is and how happy the singer is, how in love with everything they are, and yadda yadda yadda life is beautiful, even when its just boiled down...

The Uglysuit - …And We Became Sunshine

Not in the least bit ugly, if you ask me. Pretty, and sunny, and pretty sunny.

New Releases 2013

Occasionally I manage to step out of the wallow-pool for long enough to post a new track or two. This is where you’ll find any new music that catches my ear.

Film School - Sunny Day

Sunny here, sunny there, sunny everywhere.

Röyksopp - Happy Up Here

Happy up here, happy over there, happy everywhere.

Grant-Lee Phillips - Good Morning Happiness

For anyone who has a case of the mondays, here’s Grant-Lee Phillips, several releases into his post-Grant Lee Buffalo, post-post-Shiva Burlesque solo career, and finally writing a song with the word happiness in the title...

Saint Etienne - I've Got Your Music

If I’d been recording a clip of myself holding up my favourite music for this fan-sourced video, what would I be holding? Pink Moon? Tindersticks’ second album?

The Divine Comedy - At the Indie Disco

Probably closer to the truth, actually.

Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight

This is me most nights, as it happens.

Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer

Still a cracking tune. Still a lousy video. This appears to be the 1995 version of the single - straight in at 19 almost 18 years ago to the day, the week after Pulp’s Common...

Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving

Plenty of sunshine in this one, plenty of big, bright 70s blocks of colour, plenty of samples, and a little cut and paste spiritual feelgoodery.

The Shins - Australia

A massive #62 hit from April 2007. A song not in the least bit about Australia. A summer playlist entry that is mostly filmed in a rainswept used car lot. Oh, but so much sweeter...

Public Service Broadcasting - ROYGBIV

I’m utterly obsessed right now with PSB’s audio-visual blend. There’s just something wonderfully uplifting in all of it: a sense of optimism, of hope, and of achievement. And of course there’s a highly satisfying seam...

Washed Out - New Theory

I’m writing this in advance, and predicting that after two nights at a beer festival, this will be about the right pace for a much needed sunday chill.

R.E.M. - Imitation of Life

Nothing is real. Here, REM employ their trick of the shiny happy song that isn’t. It’s a sugar-sweet track for people who still think The One I Love is romantic. It was a fake: it...

Thumpers - Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

Balearic indie with a hint of Jack Penate (enjoyable second album, not irritating debut) and a pinch of the lyrical opaqueness of Everything Everything (the lyric probably comprises actual words, and some of them probably...

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke

Timeless brilliance. I don’t think I need to say any more.

Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High

I always hate it when I get into a TV series only to find out some knuckleheaded channel decision-maker canned it after a couple of series because it had about five viewers too few. At...

Supergrass - Sun Hits The Sky

I was going to start out by admitting to a bit of a literal pick today with this typically weekendish track from the good-time funlovin’ Oxford britpoppers, but the orange disk and blue skies from...