Not only was I one day out with my Pulp post yesterday, but I also managed to mess up a pleasing horse-sequence I had lined up.

After Saturday’s horses were high and diving (and, apparently, slow and crap), today’s horses are wild. Not crazy, thankfully, but wild. And, it should be admitted, borrowed, since as you might have already guessed, Wild Horses is a cover version of a song by The Rolling Stones.

Here, everyone’s favourite indie-pop couple The Sundays give the track new beauty and depth: Harriett Wheeler’s voice works its usual magic, while David Gavurin creates textures somewhere between those found on Blind and their third album Static and Silence. For the most part, he lets Wheeler’s voice lead the way, but come the chorus the two combine in a perfect moment of ringing guitar and vocal.

Wild Horses appeared as a b-side on the single Goodbye, but is perhaps better known for its appearance in Joss Whedon’s breakthrough TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.