We’re keeping it Aussie for another new release today. Comfortable Lie is by Sydney-based Why We Run. It’s a track about taking it upon yourself to start afresh. Pretty appropriate for the band, really, which started life as Cogel after band member Nic Cogels, who himself upped sticks from Brussels in search of a new life in Sydney. Cogel soon became Why We Run, and Comfortable Lie is their first release with the new moniker.

Comfortable Lie is a superb debut that bides its time before revealing its hand, switching effortlessly from the song’s easy-going drifter-like start into a burst of intensity near the end.

The video for the track is a thing of wonder in itself. It was shot using a mobile camera obscura (possibly a unique first for a music video), achieved by turning the inside of a truck into a giant road-worthy pinhole camera and combining the thousands of images captured in this way with the slow-motion movements of the band. The result is an impressive and intriguing set of visuals.