Quiet Little Voices was the first single by Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks. It is taken from their debut album These Four Walls, released in 2009. On their choice of first single, the band said:

it was a joint decision. that’s one of the many good things about FatCat. we chatted, and it [Quiet Little Voices] seemed like the obvious choice. it’s our oldest song, and probably one of the only ones that’s quite catchy. some radio stations had started playing the demo, so we hopped on the bandwagon and put it out!comfortcomes.com

Hmm. Quite catchy? I’ll say!

It’s not hard to see, from this and subsequent releases, why We Were Promised Jetpacks count Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad among their influences. All three bands share common themes of melodic loudness delivered with a Scottish accent, accompanied by a hint of frustration bubbling under the surface.

The band’s third album, Unravelling, is expected later this year; a preview is available in the form of the track Safety in Numbers, which the band made available earlier in the Summer.