A single from an album that almost no-one bought, by an artist not many have heard of. Way to kick off a new playlist in style.

Pub is, simply put, one of the great lost albums. Songs as catchy and wryly funny as Fat Loose Fancies Me, Running This Family, Shame, and Useless don’t come round every year, but when they do it’s typical that their slightly left-field sensibility should see them passed over in favour of more obvious fare.

That said, calling your band Denzil, naming your album Pub and releasing your album with a dodgy-looking CorelDRAW 4 cover featuring a couple of pints of lager sadly is always going to make smashing the system an unlikely dream. In a year M People would win the Mercury Prize all bets were off, it doesn’t get any easier to be the smart, sensitive guys with guitars. So it was that after plenty of pre-release excitement, Pub sank without trace.

But that was then, this is now, and Pub is on Spotify, in all-new remastered spangliness, so there is quite literally no excuse not to enjoy it right now:

And with that done, why not also enjoy the walking around canals and parks of London looking mildly pissed-off video for the album’s first single, Useless. Know that as you do so, you’ll be following an example set by fewer than 700 people at the time of this article’s publication. You are out there, on the edge; you are a pioneer.

There was, for a while, talk of new material, a web site, and a myspace page. All quiet on that front now, though, so this is likely all there ever will be from Denzil.