I’m a little too tired to do lyrical justice to the beautiful layers, loops and motifs of Transportation, taken from Julia Kent’s 2013 album Character, so I’ll just let her explain a little about the album, and then you can get on with enjoying this dreamy track.

Recorded alone in her home studio, Character develops the layering techniques Kent brought to the fore on her previous solo material, the flow of intertwining cello motifs working as an external representation of competing internal meditations. “I ended up thinking about the process of life,” explains Kent. “How sometimes a narrative in fiction is meant to mirror the chronology of human life, and how our lives, in a way, can resemble works of fiction, but without the possibility of controlling the outcome the way an author can.” Thus, she called the album Character, a reference to the notion of humans being characters in their own narrative.

Quote taken from The Leaf Label.