Way, way back in January, when our heads were full of dreams for the year to come, Tokyo Police Club announced a new album, Forcefield, and its lead single, Hot Tonight. If one of my aims for the year (and I’m being non-committal about whether it was or wasn’t) was to wait six months before writing about the one of the year’s first bouncy indie disco greats then “Go me!”.

I’m not the only one who’s taking their time around here, though, you know. Forcefield is the follow-up to Champ (2010), and was four years in the making:

We struggled with finding our spot as a band and owning what we were. Everyone expected us to come out with another record like (2010’s) Champ, but we didn’t feel comfortable going on the same road we were on. We wanted to go somewhere else; an upward move, not lateral, so we starting writing and looking around for something new.Dave Monks

The result, at least on Hot Tonight, is catchy and infectious, with some of 2014’s best woo-woo-ing, and a video with a charming retro arcade machine feel.