It’s a glorious gospel-disco-chicago-house-indie-bass-and-piano thing, wouldn’t you say?

Formed in the late 90s, The Rapture went on to become one of the foremost acts in the post-punk revival scene. By the time they recorded Echoes in 2003 the band had started to move towards disco-punk, never more so than on the frankly kick-ass James Murphy-produced House of Jealous Lovers:

By the time of their final album, In the Grace of Your Love, in 2011, lead singer Luke Jenner had left and then rejoined the band, the infamous musical differences were starting to cause tension, and bassist and song-writer Mattie Safer had departed. The lo-fi punk dirt had all but been swept out of The Rapture’s sound, replaced with a house sheen and, on How Deep is Your Love? at least, a spiritual euphoria. If there was any doubt over the influence of gospel in the new sound, the video rather gives the game away.

So why this song, and not the fire of House of Jealous Lovers for The Indie Disco at the End of the Universe? Honestly… there will be more than the occasional track dropping in from the 2000-2005 period, and I don’t want my dancing days to be carbon-dated quite so precisely…