I’ve decided November is to be 80s month, and although I’m a day late with the first video, this gives me a chance to dedicate the first track to office drones everywhere. It’s a cheeky northern classic that reached #3 in the UK singles chart. The video features a very young-looking Fatboy Slim, and a brief appearance from Phil Jupitus, during his Porky the Poet, Housemartins press officer, and runner for Go! Discs period.

Paul Heaton, along with drummer Dave Hemingway, went on to form The Beautiful South, who sold one or two copies of their greatest hits album Carry on up the Charts. Enough, in fact, to make it the second-best selling album in the UK in 1994, behind Bon Jovi’s Cross Road, but (hurrah!) ahead of Music Box by Mariah Carey. Well done P.d. Heaton!