Will I be called lazy if I use, for the bulk of the word count for today’s playlist track, a quote from myself from earlier this year on this site?

Will I care?

Perhaps there’s just too much Sonic Youth to know where to begin. Perhaps there’s just too much cool, and I just don’t know how to penetrate it. Perhaps it’s just one of those really annoying times when I get so fixated on one or two tracks from an album that I just forget to listen to the rest (as is currently happening with the new album from The War on Drugs, and “An Ocean In Between The Waves”) of it, and before I know it, time has passed, I’ve moved on, and the rest of the album remains forever unheard.

RRP, Teen Age Riot, May 2014

The other theory to float is that in the late ’80s and early ’90s Sonic Youth generally swam in waters that were both noisy and arty, but every now and then they’d come up for air with a hook-laden feast indie brilliance, and that’s what would catch my attention - Teen Age Riot, Sugar Kane, 100%, Kool Thing. But if I tried to follow them back under, I would just lose my way in the sea of yelps, feedback and fireworks. Defeated, I would return to the safety of shoegazing, baggy, then Britpop.