As much as subsequent single “Rio” has come to symbolise the excess of the music industry, the extravagance of expensive video shoots and the empty show of wealth that was the calling card of the 80s riche, its predecessor “Save a Prayer” should be held no less guilty. In an Apprentice style folly, the group split in two; Andy Taylor and Nick Rhodes stayed in London to finish mixing the album Rio, while the rest of the group set off to film in Sri Lanka on what might sound like the better part of the task, until you factor in elephants on heat, the heat all around, and the hospitalising virus that Andy Taylor picked up.

Such high jinks and jet-setting are at odds with the song’s lyrical images of the corner of the main street and lights flashing on your window sill, but a good match for the evocative synth sound, and the guitar flourishes in the chorus demand to be accompanied by a panning aerial shot, so that’s exactly what director Russell Mulcahy gave them.

“Save a Prayer” ended up another glorious #2 hit, and just like “Private Investigations” it was kept off the top spot by “Eye of the Tiger”.