This might be a bit of a cheat, because technically, the album Rabbit Fur Coat is by Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins, rather than Lewis as solo artist, but it’s just too beautiful a track for me to pass on.

Plus, it allows me to explain a series of musical connections. Jenny Lewis is a member of Rilo Kiley, as well as a solo artist. Rilo Kiley are on the same label as Death Cab For Cutie, which is how Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard came to be contacting Lewis to ask her if she fancied providing some vocals for The Postal Service, an honour or favour that Gibbard returned on Lewis’ cover of the Travelling Wilbury’s song Handle With Care.

Lewis has also recorded as Jenny and Johnny with her husband, Jonathan Rice. Rice has worked with, among others, Elvis Costello. Guess who has also worked with Costello? Yeah, that’d be Jenny.