Erland & The Carnival’s list of band interests on their Facebook page: “Whiskey, bees, illustrations, old books”.

With the possible exception of bees, these would all give excellent company to their latest release, Quiet Love, a delicious piano and strings ballad. I quite like to be alone, I don’t mind where I fall sings Erland Cooper in a chorus that arrives and departs with melodies almost but not quite familiar enough to place (answers on a postcard, please, or preferably in a tweet, if they remind you of anything). The video, meanwhile, is the sort to induce wistful smiles: a slow-release tale of bingo and lost love.

As a taster for a new album, Closing Time, out on August 25th, Quiet Love sets expectations good and high; here’s to hoping a few more moments like this slip out before that distant release date.