Some people think I’m a bit cynical. Well they would, wouldn’t they? That’s just like them, you know.

What they fail to appreciate is that I’m a bit of a sucker for a nu-disco beat, a vaguely balearic vibe and a lyric that in any way whatsoever references summer, good weather, or the bright orange star that illuminates your day (provided you don’t live in Manchester). Which is why I’m drawn to Sunrise by Panda Knights from their Sunset EP like… like a moth to the flame? Like Icarus to the sun?

Probably not good examples. Anyway, it’s a great big feel-good moment of bliss and only now it’s over have I remembered that the sun will one day destroy our fragile planet and all life on it. Because that’s just what stars like ours do, the bastards. Anyway, we have somewhere between maybe one and four billion years left so don’t panic just yet, and feel free to spend a little of that time listening to Sunrise. It’ll make you feel better about the whole thing.