And now to a section that I was going to call I love 1982, before I remembered that one of the cuts was from a whole year earlier. So here’s a section called ‘I love 1982 even though I don’t remember it quite as well as I thought I did’.

“Our House” was a Christmas number five in 1982, just nudging up behind Culture Club, David Bowie and Bing Crosby, and the magnificent Shakin’ Stevens, with the which is which? croony combo Renee and Renato at number 1, topping a triumphant few months for all things Italian and not quite so Italian, following World Cup glory and the launch of the Viennetta that year as a festive delicacy.

Madness were in the midst of a run of 15 hits in four years, starting with “My Girl” in January 1980 and ending with “The Sun and The Rain” in November 1983, only one of which (“Cardiac Arrest”) failed to break into the Top 10. In “Our House”, the nutty boys continued their nutty traditions, nuttying around in a simple domestic tale. Don’t let that and the brief passer-by-perplexing scene at the start distract from what is a perfectly crafted three-minute pop song. And whatever you do, try not to let the two or three second clip of a passing British Rail train send you into a thirty-year nostalgic reverie: you’ll miss a sumptuously layered intro.