No musical differences, no studio tantrums, no Yokos. Just a band that came to a natural end. Once were Gene, then were Gone.

Gene’s last live performance was in December 2004, at the Astoria, itself closed four years later, and later demolished, to make way for the London Crossrail project.

Fans hoped for a reunion; failing that, a Martin Rossiter solo project. After a whole lot of nothing, in December 2012 their patience was rewarded with the release of The Defenestration of St Martin, an album of heartfelt and heartbreaking ballads; ten songs that need nothing more than a keyboard and Rossiter’s voice to make their point. Some of Gene’s quieter, more reflective moments might have hinted at this, but the emotional extent is impressive. Only in the last minute or so of closing track Let The Waves Carry You are the guitar and rhythm section allowed in, perhaps as a teaser for the next album?

The video to No One Left To Blame may not look much, but as Rossiter explains on his web site:

I’m going to be filming a video for another song from the album in a couple of weeks. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head for about twenty years and finally I have no one to say I can’t do it. Those of you hoping to see me high kicking down some steps dressed in nothing but a Dior basque might have to hold your breath a little longer.

If, on the other hand, you’ve always wanted to be stared out and sung to by a very cold ex-indie frontman for five minutes, you are very much in luck.