It’s a pretty small jump from Crowded House to Joy Division. You just need to take a diversion via Paul Young, obviously. Not only did Young cover Don’t Dream It’s Over, his three times platinum selling debut album No Parlez included a dreadful cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Young’s is by no means the only cover version, with everyone from Nouvelle Vague to Broken Social Scene giving it a go. Frankly, they can keep churning out versions until the end of time, but you’ll still be better off just listening to the original. In 2002, NME readers voted it the best single of all time, and in 2012, it topped the NME writers list of the greatest songs of the NME’s lifetime. NME readers meanwhile, were busy relegating it from the top spot it held 10 years earlier, placing it third, behind Amy Winehouse’s Rehab at number one, and Mr Brightside by The Killers in second place.