No Kim no deal, 1/10, 2/10, trampling all over their legacy: if you’re even vaguely a fan of the Pixies you’ll be familiar with the kind of spoiled stuck-up comments, pointlessly bitter reviews, and level of spluttered outrage that’s currently doing the rounds.

Meanwhile, the band chug along through an almost constant sea of tour dates and festival appearances, and no matter what your views on their new material, you should at least be reasonably impressed that a band not known for their harmoniousness has now stuck around for longer in its second incarnation than it did the first time around. And that holds, even if their grip on bass players doesn’t.

But that’s just my take. I’m not one of those Pixies fans (and I know they exist) who will travel across continents to see a band even though in their esteemed opinion they reached a peak with their first release, who will spend hundreds of pounds, dollars, euros to see a band that haven’t been the same since Come on Pilgrim in 1987. I came in, more or less, at Bossanova, which almost no-one rates as the best Pixies album, which is perhaps one reason why I’m willing to cut them a little more slack than others for Indie Cindy. If you don’t like it enough, don’t buy it: no-one’s gonna force you. If you hate it, don’t listen to it: just hug all your old albums until it’s over.