Dipping temporarily back into 2014, I find this self-titled EP from LA-based Forebear. From the buzzing bass and beautiful harmonies of North Korea & The Five Stages Of Grief, through the looping Cusp and the ever-changing patterns of Who Writes Off Who, right into Pigeons Eating Glass, the EP’s darkly beautiful and acoustic closing track, it’s an exciting melting pot of ideas. It’s ambitious and bold, and comes together superbly, never once threatening to tip over into bombast or collapse under the weight of its constituent parts.

Forebear are:

  • Scott Goldbaum: Vocals / Guitar
  • Mike Musselman: Drums
  • Molly Rogers: Viola / Vocals / Keys
  • Nick Chamian: Bass / Vocals

The record talks a lot about bonds between people. If the record is encouraging people to aspire to anything I would say it’s all about finding peace over the course of suffering, being proud of every step taken, reconciling with the fact you don’t have control over everything, calling those things about by name and , marinating in them, learning from them, and valuing the catharsis that comes from sharing those experiences for what they were, both dreadful and wonderful.Scott Goldbaum