Whenever I had enough pennies for a single or two I used to head down to Revolution Records in Windsor in search of treasure. I’d pass the tape carousel, always with its copy of the Popinjays album Flying Down to Mono Valley, and the inaptly named Million Seller by The Pooh Sticks, and browse the CD singles and albums. So much music I wished I could have owned, but owing to unlimitless funds and a worldwide dearth of music streaming services in 1993, I had to pan hard and choose wisely.

Not that Feed The Tree was a particularly tough choice: Tanya Donelly is one talented musician, with stints in Throwing Muses, Breeders and Belly followed by a few tasty solo albums to show she wasn’t just hanging with illustrious company, and the B-Sides to Feed The Tree reach Suede-esque levels, from the soft focus feedback of Trust in Me (yes, from The Jungle Book) through the ringing guitars of Dream On Me, with Donelly’s vocals reaching beautiful heights, and finishing with a version of first album title track Star that’s far, far too good to bury.