I’ve been a fan of the Labrador Records roster for some time now, and through 2014 they’ve continued to put out new records by established acts and new artists alike.

Eternal Death (a duo: Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård) are one of those newer artists; Cry is their fourth single in 2014, following Fade, Bullet, and Head. It’s a shiny, glorious piece of dance-synth full of flowing electronic waves and Elin Berlin’s beautiful vocals that flip from determined to innocently wavering in a moment.

Berlin describes Cry:

“Cry” is born out of late nights and raised by obscure dance floors, built on an endless pounding that takes over your body and changes the beat of your heart, when all you’ve got is that tireless desire to drown your thoughts in heavy bass and forget. When performing this live, this is a song that makes me feel equally weak and powerful. I think it’s like that with resignation. To allow yourself to feel sad and show weakness is one of the most empowering things to do.

Eternal Death is out on February 24th 2015, on Labrador Records.