Time for a quick and easy game of connections: Yesterday’s track was Candy by Ash, which featured a sample of Make it Easy on Yourself, originally by The Walker Brothers. That song was covered in 1997 by The Divine Comedy, during the recording of their mini-album A Short Album About Love and used as a B-side to ‘Everybody Knows (Except You). But that’s not today’s song, as wonderful as it is - and the CD single is definitely worth seeking out, with live versions of ‘A Drinking Song and Something For The Weekend rounding off the tracklisting.

No, no, today’s track is a different Divine Comedy cover version - one which becomes the first track to appear twice on these pages, and one in which Neil Hannon not only somehow replaces the early 80s new-waveness of The Associates with chamber-pop strings, but also has the unenviable job of singing Billy Mackenzie’s vocal part. This being Neil Hannon, and Neil Hannon being pretty talented indeed, he carries it off, but I’m sure even he would agree that he inevitably falls (only slightly) short of Mackenzie’s ‘hysterical Banshee screeching’.