Still very much drugged up and under orders to rest, I shall have to keep this brief again. Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III is taken from Cornershop’s 2002 album Handcream For a Generation, their follow-up to the breakthrough success of When I Was Born for the Seventh Time, which featured, of course, Brimful of Asha in all its pre-Norman Cook remix glory.

People being idiots, however, Brimful and assorted moments of extremely tasty funkiness were not enough to secure repeated success for Cornershop’s subsequent releases - the five-year gap to Handcream… proving too long for fickle album-buying minds. This is a crying shame, as you will surely agree when you spend some quality time post-Brimful Cornershop. Just start with Handcream… and work your way through.

As a taster, I offer you Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III, in which Tjinder Singh schools Primal Scream with help from Oasis bassist Paul Guigsy McGuigan.