Keeping up my proud tradition of letting everyone else get the scoops while I actually concentrate on listening to the damned stuff, here’s a song that I first noticed, ooh, sometime last week. I think it was last week. May have been the week before; sometimes I lose track of exactly when it was I yelled something like “I absolutely must post this brilliant new track from Cherry Ghost, creators of beautiful bittersweetness and friends of Doves (which is not really relevant to anything - I only mention it so you can use it in conversation with some of your less savvy friends).”

Gods be… it’s not like this song even came out a week ago, cropping up as it did on Soundcloud about a month ago. Age has not withered it, though, nor its intriguing combination of old-timey piano and spacey sounds. Then there’s the 12-tog string section and a lovely horn outro… beautiful.

The World Could Turn is taken from the forthcoming album Herd Runners, out on 12th May. Expect a review from me sometime in November.