It’s all in that ringing guitar sound. I don’t know how, or why, but it does funny things to my brain.

Before reviewing the patchy but occasionally brilliant So Long, See You Tomorrow earlier in the year, I’d not been anywhere near Bombay Bicycle Club with a longish pole since being turned off by their second album, Flaws.

The release of Luna at the start of the year, however, had me discovering their third album, A Different Kind of Fix (2011), and looking forward to the new album. It didn’t disappoint exactly, even if it didn’t always thrill, but just before the end came such a dizzingly beautiful slice of dream-pop-perfection that it’s always been a mystery to me why it wasn’t given the dedicated video and single release treatment.

Luckily that oversight has now been corrected, and you can enjoy Come To in all its magnificence while watching the band performing it, but not actually performing it. But if the video is not a lot to look at, that doesn’t matter one bit when the song is this perfect. And even if it’s just a not incredible sequence of live footage - taken, by the look of it, from Bombay Bicycle Club’s Brixton Academy gig earlier this year - it’s all the excuse or reason I need to post about what is one of the most unexpectedly beautiful and uplifting songs of 2014.