Something new and pretty tasty from Lo Recordings here. Astronauts is a new project from Dan Carney, whose previous bands include Dark Captain (and Dark Captain, Light Captain, although no-one seems to mention that, which is a shame, because Jealous Enemies was a terrific single back in 2007).

With Astronauts, Carney has picked up roughly where Dark Captain left off, with both In My Direction and the single Skydive circling and circling, looping round a central sequence and repeated lyrics, with just a gradual increase in intensity all that’s needed to keep the music up in the air, while Carney’s vocals bring an air of a breathy early Midlake.

Hollow Ponds was conceived while Carney was in hospital recovering from a broken leg. It takes its name from a nearby spot, and its themes from Carney’s physical and mental separation at the time: wanting to explore the area, but unable to do so.

You can listen to In My Direction on Soundcloud right now, and Hollow Ponds is out on July 21st.