Stop the press! Stop the press several days ago!

Yes, it’s another Record Store Day release that I’m excited to tell you about today, only three days after the event took place. If, like me, you didn’t manage to secure any lovely RSD14 special releases, console yourself with the thought that even though you don’t now own any coke bottle clear vinyl, massively overpriced exclusives, or live versions of album tracks released with world record beating haste, you can still listen to some, if not all of the music contained in those marvellous artefacts.

Here it Comes sounds just as magical streamed from Soundcloud as it would if I had it on 7”. Not owning a physical copy doesn’t prevent me from falling under the spell of its swell, or wondering I’m listening to a Kepler-186f-based Radiohead tribute band re-imagining Pyramid Song in their own advanced electronic idiom.