Hailing from the same windswept Dartmoor environment as their mythical namesakes, Wisht Hounds are a new alt-pop outfit consisting of Ella Edmondson and Rollo Smallcombe. They are, thankfully, a much more comforting proposition than those yell-hounds of yore; Wild in City is electro-pop in the 80s style, with just the right smattering of electronica and synthesised beats underpinning a strong but simple melody that plays through the song.

In case you are worried about the hounds, we can extend our public service remit to advice on how to mitigate against attack by wisht hound, with the following words from the Devonian Year Book, 1910:

The hounds can be kept away by placing a crust of bread beneath the pillow of the sleeping child. Originally, no doubt, the breads was such as had been consecrated for sacramental use, but there is apparently now no such restriction.