Alligator Years is the title track from Twinsmith’s second album, soon to be released by Saddle Creek. Its playful old-time-pop-era keyboard-led vibe wants to invite you in, practically slapping you on the back in encouragement. As you cross the threshold and into its world, you’ll catch yourself thinking that it sounds somehow familiar, at least in the verse if not in the chorus, or in the song’s all-too-brief but smooth outro, but don’t spend too long on it because you won’t quite be able to place it. Better to think about how Alligator Years packs so much into just under three minutes of song.

Written throughout 2014, Alligator Years was recorded in Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA, with the production team of The Envy Corps’ Luke Pettipoole, Brandon Darner (who has also worked with the likes of Imagine Dragons), and Micah Natera.

Twinsmith are:

Jordan Smith (vocals, guitar)

Oliver Morgan (drums)

Matt Regner (guitar, synths)

Bill Sharp (bass)