Based in Lancaster PA, The Separators formed (this is fairly rock n’ roll right here) when Alex Abel met Colin Deery in maths class about three years ago. Alex’s younger brother Matt was drafted in on drums and the trio started playing and performing together. Starting out playing Led Zeppelin and Van Helan tracks, they then worked on their own material, influenced by bands like The Strokes, The Arctic Monkeys and The Cure.

Shooting Star is taken from their debut EP, Sixes & Sevens. The Separators may be young (18, 19 and 20) but there’s an impressive assurance to their sound, and the way they’re not afraid to let the song develop through different phases, keeping the hooks memorable but throwing in a few subtle variations. On Shooting Star they capture the youthful enthusiasm and exuberance of the early post-punk and bedroom indie scenes and polish it up a bit for the twenty-first century.