She Speaks The Wave is a new release from Toronto-based indie synth rock band The Nursery. The follow-up to their debut EP Carnival Nature, which was released last year, it’s a heady indie disco shuffle salted with a sprinkle of new wave. First the attack guitars are sent out to set the furious pace, before a whirlpool of synths and a descending piano motif set up the song’s full-on second half. At its breathless end, everyone’s in on the act, creating an epic finale.

The video for She Speaks the Wave uses a combination of stop-motion, time-lapse and live-action footage to explore notions of existing within a time and space:

Images of degradation and destruction are juxtaposed with rebirth and reconstruction in tranquil colour palettes create the uncanny aesthetic that challenges perceptions of time and time-based mediums.

She Speaks The Wave is available now on a name your price basis from The Nursery’s Bandcamp page. You’ll find a link down in the media section.

Tour Dates

Mar. 12 - Moustache Club - Oshawa, ON

Mar. 17 - Casa de Popolo - Montreal, QC

Mar. 21 - Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY

Mar. 27 - Smiling Buddha - Toronto, ON

Mar. 29 - This Ain’t Hollywood - Hamilton, ON