I want to somehow convey here the idea that Congregation, the new single from The Lonely Together, sounds and feels so very of its place (that place being Scotland) and in many ways strongly reminiscent of other bands of that place (such as, say, Frightened Rabbit) while at the same time making it clear that this is in no way a criticism, and that the accented vocals and the harmonising ‘ah-ahh’s are the perfect complement to the song’s gliding principles (and in doing so drop in a sly reference to another Scottish band), and I want to do all this while recognising that choosing Scottishness as a strong defining element is just plain wrong anyway (I wouldn’t expect bands from Northampton to sound the same as bands from Southampton), and reconcile my position by considering that I just find a particular genius in the assembled sound that seems to spring so easily from so many indie guitar bands, many of whom just happen to be from Scotland.

That’s the plan, anyway.

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