Music submission week, aka Super Subs Week, aka Hidden Wonders Week, aka Just Great Music That You Might Otherwise Miss continues with this, very much its second instalment.

Maybe The Moon

Maybe The Moon’s two members, Karmen Kimball (vocals/keys) and Alex Lasner (guitar/keys), met the day the world was meant to end. They discovered a mutual love for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music (in which case they might want to steer clear of this recent live review of Ferry in The Quietus), the world continued to be, and soon they were engaged. Then they set about writing and recording beautiful synthpop together, the first fruits of which they’ve been releasing through 2015.

Co-incidentally, they got in touch on twitter as well as through the contact form. It never hurts to try different paths…

The Fatty Acids

On the one hand, as a signed artist who’ve already caught the eye of Wayne Coyne and the ear of Steve Lamacq, The Fatty Acids maybe don’t need a hand from us. On the other hand, Worst Part is one of the best examples of its kind I’ve heard in some while. And I’m not even going to tell you what kind I think that is. Take a listen to its infectious melody and you’ll get what I mean.

Jenny Marie Keris

And now for some different fish, in different kettles. Jenny Marie Keris is a singer/songwriter based in Florence, Alabama, who for years has been penning poetry and lyrics, and recording demos of her songs. Now she is in a position, hopefully, to record an EP, financed by an Indiegogo campaign. The EP will be out in June 2016, and you can fall in love with the title track, The Distance Between Us, right here.

Hand Drawn Maps

We are Hand Drawn Maps. We’re a new, local, Los Angeles based band with a fire under our asses to make music that we, ourselves, would actually listen to.

It’s music that you should listen to as well, dear reader. Kites, the debut single by the three-piece, has some serious hookage and melodies so sharp I don’t even feel the nicks. Hand Drawn Maps are: Greg Schwartz on bass, Mercedes Cruz on drums, and Stewart James on vox/guitar.

Shaky Shrines

I actually spotted Shaky Shrines on Hype Machine the other day and loved a track (both literally and clickily). Rather than nod in appreciation of my efforts, they said “hi!”, “hey!” and “our album is terrific, you should listen to it!”. Words to that effect, anyway. And I say the same to you, especially if you like garage/psych vibes and an easy coolness of tone.

Emile van Dango

Emile van Dango is a 21 year old songwriter and producer from Cape Town, South Africa, aiming “to mix the beauty of folk mentality with lush world of psychedelia to create my own dream world”. His new single Caroline marries double-tracked vocals as homage to John Lennon, with sweet burned by the sun guitar tones.