Should have Known Better is the second preview, after No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross, of Sufjan Stevens’ forthcoming album Carrie & Lowell. It is unmistakably Stevens-esque: picked guitar patterns arrive, circle and leave, and silent pauses punctuate passages of soft vocals and softer harmonies. In one sense it’s nothing new - it could be any number of classic Sufjan moments that achieve the same mood and emotional impact. At the same time, however, it’s fresh, new and beautiful in its own unique way.

Sufjan Stevens will be touring the US from April, with a little trip over to the UK in September, when he will be performing at the End of the Road festival.

Check out the tour dates here:

Carrie & Lowell is out on March 30th, on Asthmatic Kitty Records. You can preorder the album in digital and physical formats from here: