For the last new music round-up (for now) a half-list of three, to bring the total of artists covered up to a very (Alex) Tudor-esque 99. One for the completist/obsessives to fret about.

Erica Glyn - All Just For You

Singer / guitarist / producer Erica Glyn has just released a new EP, Dollars fpr Thieves, comprising four original compositions and a cover of the Echo & The Bunnymen track The Killing Moon. All Just For You is the EP’s stormy lead track, demonstrating the shades of darkness Glyn pours liberally across the EP.

Buy Dollars for Thieves from Amazon

Phone Home - Bean

Phone Home are an instrumental two-piece, comprising Michael and John Vallarelli. Bean is slightly more extended than I’ve heard from them in the past, and while the bleeps and electronica have been present before, here they’re given more spotlight, and allowed to drive the melody rather than flitting around or adding to it. Get it from Bandcamp. Go on… do it!

Young Braves - For The Day

Young Braves are a group of teenagers in the business of making melodic indie song-writing seem like a walk in the park. On For The Day they set up what seems like a pretty decent groove, before building it up then deconstructing it about two-thirds of the way through, making the song’s rousing close seem all that much sweeter.

‘ere you want a flake in that?