The Great Secret - Judy (Feat. Oil My Member)

Judy is taken from Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale, the second EP from Norway’s The Great Secret, due for release worldwide on March 25th. According to sources close to the band, the EP will be released not only digitally but also on the brand new and revolutionary Ball of Yarn format. Neil Young take note.

Judy is a riotous start to the EP, but there’s more to it than just this song’s belting Scandi-rock. One to watch for and maybe even review nearer the release date…

H. Grimace - Imogen

This week saw the release of a six-track album, I am Material, from London’s H. Grimace. Released by Scottish label Soft Power and available on limited edition cassette (from Bandcamp - see the link after the stream) or digitally, I am Material is essential listening for fans of lo-fi jangle with a punch - a kind of indie-pop Pavement with fierce attitude. Or, in their own words: “alternative tumble weed rock, grunge, psych surf”. If you’re in the US, catch H. Grimace on tour in March with SF band Couches.

Buy the album from Bandcamp

The Last 24 - StrangerInMyHead

Norwegian pop-punk. Because why not Norwegian pop-punk?

StrangerInMyHead is taken from the EP of the same(ish) name. Stranger In My Head was mixed by Robin Van Loenen, singer and songwriter in the Dutch pop-punk band Destine. So, basically a lot of pop-punk going on here.

If you like your gigs loud and sweaty, this is the one for you.

Life in Film - Get Closer

London friends Samuel Fry (vocals/guitars), Edward Ibbotson (guitars), Dominic Sennett (bass) and Micky Osment (drums) are gearing up to release their debut album this year, and - like you do - chose Stephen Street as producer. It says something, doesn’t it, about their ambition and perhaps a sense of wanting to go beyond just knocking out a few indie-pop hits. “A good song will always be about a strong melody and a story worth telling”, says Ibbotson. Just another reason why I’ll be keeping an eager eye out for that debut album later this year.

Two Cartoons - Horizon Approaching

Originally from Dunedin, New Zealand, Two Cartoons are now based in London, where they have opened for homeland heroes The Chills among others. Signed to Far South Records, Horizon Approaching is the first release from their forthcoming Lost Boys Club EP. Like Get Closer, above, it screams indie disco. By the end of the track’s four minute swell, the mood goes from somewhere around excited anticipation to something around the awesome to epic mark.

If you like the EP’s artwork (and why wouldn’t you?), you can find out more at

Vast Robot Armies - Foxtrot

To round off what’s been a pretty stellar selection of six sounds, we’re being taken over by Vast Robot Armies, bringing a somewhat retro indie racket by way of Toronto, Kansas City and Chicago. Foxtrot is taken from the album Little Creatures, due out on March 3rd. By jiminy there’s some harmonies going on here that remind me of something I can’t quite put my finger on. Meanwhile, the bass provides a steady groove, a little guitar fuzz goes a long way, and as for the breakdown in the middle? Woof!

This has been new music round up #16, the sixteenth round up of new music. It’s over: go home.