Ten weeks down, 42 to go. Perhaps this means that life, the universe and everything are to be revealed between now and the end of the year.

Or perhaps it doesn’t.

Week 10, though: what a week. I thought last week was pretty phenomenal, but it may have just been outdone by a week featuring another brilliant new San Fermin track, an extraordinarily beautiful song from Oh Wonder, and big hitters Courtney Barnett and Stornoway knocking it out of the park. Again. The Kindling un-nerved us, The Nursery made us want to jump around, Acre Tarn, Annalibera and Lila Rose thrilled us, and we were charmed by Idea The Artist and Polar Bear & King.

Yes, it’s been a good week, alright. Next week’s new music playlist has a lot to live up to.