It is known, I hope, that here at RRP we don’t just print what the artist’s PR have to say about their act’s “fast-rising reputation” or “breathtaking new single”, the “rave reviews back home” or “transcendent melodies that call to mind the best of the original new wave underground scene”.

We don’t print that not because it’s not true, but because the thoughts are not our own, the opinions belong to someone else, and as such the words have no meaning, no value.

If a band happens to explain a song eloquently and succinctly, however, that seems to be the kind of thing that is well worth including. So here’s Max and the Moon on their new single Modern Love:

Modern Love is a song we wrote to explain how we’ve seen intimacy between people change over time. We didn’t necessarily want to say we think love in today’s culture is any worse or better than how it has existed throughout history, but we wanted to write about a love story that was more timeless.

Our generation is the first to be affected by technology that connects people on this planet in an instant but also draws them away from the world around them and the relationships they’ve created. Without placing judgement on our society, we wanted to sing about two people that have found a way to make love and this modern reality coexist.

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Modern Love, the vehicle for this ideal, is a hellishly catchy piece of indie-dance: high up the vocals are beautiful, while the bass explodes time and again. It’s definitely one of the good things we got going in this modern life.