My Love, from Buffalo newcomer M.A.G.S. is, remarkably, all the work of just one man - Elliott Douglas. Handling all writing and initial recording duties out of his basement (later re-worked and re-recorded professionally by Nick Borgosz at World of Noise Studios), Douglas has created his first EP, Cellophane, after only a handful of live shows and a brief time signed to the Admirable Traits label.

My Love is the first track on the EP, and it’s a scorching way to begin: after a brief guitar-only intro, it all kicks in - drums, guitars, distorted vocal, a leap up into a bit of falsetto, back to distortion, hammer away at the skins a bit more, a simple guitar riff to hang it all on, quick change of pace, more falsetto (“you’re my love, woo-ooh-ooh-ooh”), cut, vocal harmony, false ending, back into it for one more go around, take it home. Easy game.

You can buy Cellophane from Bandcamp, via the link below.