Wolf is the new single from Swedish artist Jennie Abrahamson, out on 16th March.

Born in the North of Sweden in the small town of Savar close to the coastal town of Umea – a destination that’s provided more than its fair share of musicians through the ages – Abrahamson initially played as a musician with various artists until launching her solo career in 2006. Since then she has released three albums (Lights – 2007; While the sun’s still up and the sky is bright – 2009; The Sound of Your Beating Heart – 2011). Wolf is taken from her upcoming fourth LP Gemini Gemini, due for release on 27th March.

Having recently toured with former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel, Abrahamson had the unenviable task of filling in for Kate Bush on Don’t Give Up, a role that has led to comparisons between the two that were as inevitable as they were lazy. Oh look! Two women, and they both sing and seem creative! Let’s compare them on that basis alone! Pft…

The thundering drums that burst in after Wolf’s synthtro might surprise at first, but when it all kicks together and Abrahamson is into the chorus mantra of “you’re a wolf, I can’t read you” it’s a heady electro combo. The harmonies and occasional wolf howls (yes!) in the outro only add fire to the mix.

2015 Tour Dates

13/2 Kafé de Luxe, VÄXJÖ

14/2 Where’s the Music Festival, NORRKÖPING

19/2 JAJAJA at the Lexington, LONDON

26/2 Dunkers, HELSINGBORG

28/2 Skottvångs Grufva, MARIEFRED

5/3 Kulturhuset, STOCKHOLM