London, Ontario’s First Ghost self-identify rather modestly on their Facebook page as “Rock/Pop/Emo”. Judging them on the basis of Shaking alone, I’d say they were more “indie-rock/college rock/good times and fun riffs”. Formed by old school friends Anton DeLost and Ryan Sweet in 2013, the band was briefly called Ghost House (after Ghost House Pictures of Evil Dead fame) but they found that compartment pretty full already and switched to First Ghost. Now a foursome with Danny Foster and Keir Edward on board, First Ghost are about to head out on a little Ontario tour (I say little, but that’s my UK is a small island head talking - for all I know their gigs are hundreds of miles apart…).

If you can’t catch them live, you can grab their Real Eyes EP, featuring Shaking, from Bandcamp on a name your price basis.

Tour Dates

Feb 17 - Hamilton, ON w/ Pine & Iris @ Club Absinthe

Feb 18 - Toronto, ON w/ Pine & Iris @ Smiling Buddha

Feb 19 - Brampton, ON w/ Pine & Iris @ Shed Zep

Feb 21 - London, ON w/ Carousel Kings @ The APK