Quirky outsiders Everything Everything are back with the first single from their third album, Get To Heaven. Distant Past was premiered this evening by the soon to be Apple-bound Zane Lowe in his “Best music thing right now, yeah?” slot on Radio 1 and shortly after the video was available on Youtube.

Distant Past is - as we’ve come to expect from Everything Everything - playful and strange, with Jonathan Higgs’ scattergun lyrics firing off all sorts of imagery, spoken word samples jutting in when the song’s title enters the lyric, and a sound that refuses to settle. If anything, the Everything Everything foot that’s always supplied the groove holds a little more sway than in the (not-too-distant) past, giving Distant Past a funky strut out onto the dancefloor, where, naturally, it proceeds to throw weird shapes.

Get To Heaven is out on June 15th. Pre-order the album on vinyl, CD and MP3 HERE (and get an instant download of Distant Past).