I make this Eternal Death’s fifth single, following Fade, Bullet, Head and Cry. They sure do love their one-word titles - and unless it’s one massive coincidence, I detect a thematic narrative running through those names.

The air weighs heavy with Violence, but Elin Berlin’s voice is so beautiful, so Scandi-pure, and Johan Angergard’s production throws in layer upon layer of gorgeousness to wrap around you like so many 20-tog duvets that you’re not completely overwhelmed. Mildly overwhelmed, perhaps, but in the way you might be after the traumatic tipping point of a psychological horror, knowing that without the tautness and tension you’d be left with only candy floss.

Violence will be released by the supremely excellent Labrador Records on February 16th, with the album Eternal Death to follow a month later on March 16th.