There are many reasons, so so many reasons why you should love Turn Away, the second song (Carousel was the first) to be announced from the forthcoming second East India Youth album Culture of Volume. What it all boils down to is the conflict and contrast that rages from start to finish. Literally, in fact: Turn Away starts out ominous, beats and vocals falling over each other, becomes euphoric, then ends in bliss. As the synths rise in the chorus, William Doyle’s voice falls, stays crouched, waits for the moment, then pushes itself out over the top while the music parts before him. The two follow each other for a while into another chorus (which I’m fairly sure channels at least one Abba moment, possibly Fernando)…

Turn away, I never should be seen to be falling from grace,

but here I am again today with nothing on my tongue but all these reasons why I shouldn’t stay.

…out the other side of which all hell breaks loose as Doyle ups the ante and the energy to the next level. Which is where it stays pretty much to the fade.

Culture of Volume is out on April 6th on XL Recordings. You can pre-order direct from East India Youth.